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Article 13 wins the approval of 19 EU member states

In fact, some warn the law could paradoxically help big tech, since only the very largest companies will have the resources to comply with the regulations. Where article 13 makes it harder for tech companies to release user-generated content, article 11 relates specifically to the sharing of news articles. Publishers argue it is increasingly difficult for news organisations to continue funding quality journalism, and that technology firms which monetise the sharing of news should pay their share.

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But technology companies say the protection is impossible to uphold, since no automatic filter can usefully determine whether a given upload is parody or simply infringement. EU member states will have two years to implement the new rules, from the date it finally passes out of the European council — probably in May or June this year.

It means the UK will essentially be able to decide if it wants to implement the rules if it has left the EU by then.

What do the changes mean for the internet? Will I still be able to upload content online?

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Why are the big tech firms against the move? Are others against the changes? What about memes? When will it come into force?

Article EU approves controversial copyright law - CNET

Likewise, Twitter removed 19 percent in December and Removing illegal content, hate speech and extremism sounds good. In reality, these are broad categories that the EU can use to subjectively enforce political agendas.

During EU elections, officials scoured social media for election meddling. This could also be used as a tool for mainstream political parties to blame other factors for their declining popularity, while at the same time seeking greater influence over the public.

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Hate speech on social media is a genuine problem. But there is a darker and little-noticed side to Europe forcing its own rules on the World Wide Web.

EU Prepares New Centralized Internet Law

Germany is once again seeking to impose its will on the world. Germany is leading Europe and will succeed in forcing its will on the Internet. But this is just a precursor to Germany forcing itself on the world in an even more direct way. E-mail Daniel Di Santo. Unelected officials will soon increase censorship on major social media platforms.