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About Cookies. Maura Ryan is back to claim her gangland crown. But when a face from the past takes him from her, she's determined to get even. Maura Ryan sacrificed her rule over London's criminal underworld for the only man she ever loved. Her enemies had better watch out, for they are about to learn that if you play games with this dangerous lady, you'll pay the price.

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Then one victim is not so lucky, and Kate knows she's in a race against time to save lives. Kate's finding the case tough and she needs the support of her lover, Patrick Kelly, more than ever.

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But Patrick's got his own problems. A dead body's turned up in his Soho club and, although he insists he's been set-up, Kate begins to doubt him. Just before Danny Cadogan's 14th birthday, his father leaves. Having drunkenly run up a gambling debt he cannot pay, Big Dan Cadogan takes the easy way out. Leaving behind his wife and children to face the wrath of the men sent to collect the debt. Determined to protect his mother, brother, and sister, something changes in Danny and, overnight, he turns into a young man set on making his way in a violent and dangerous world.

Looking back, Nick Leary couldn't say exactly what kept him awake that night. Whatever it was, he was awake when he heard someone's footsteps downstairs, and Nick's instinct was to fight. It had always been that way, to protect the things he treasured most: his family, his privacy, his reputation. He'd grafted for these things all his life, and no one was going to jeopardise them now.

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Unless, of course, Nick's instinct is wrong, and what happens this time is the start of something even he cannot stop. Hard live. Hard Lessons. It's murder on the streets. When a prostitute's body is found lifeless, mutilated and brutally raped, DCI Annie Carr has never seen anything like it and never wants to again. Kate Burrows, retired DCI now consultant, has plenty of experience when it comes to murder - after all she caught the Grantley Ripper and broke the biggest pedophile ring in the South East.

She is determined to help put the killer behind bars. Cathy's miserable life as a prostitute's child changes forever when she's forced into care. The ordeal that follows leaves her with no choice but to run away to Soho, and she learns to survive in the violent heart of London's underworld.

Meanwhile, Eamonn, who fled to New York, has gained a reputation as a ruthless villain. Danger and violence have always been part of Sue Dalston's East End upbringing.

Maura's Game

Unloved by her mother, abused by her father, and brutalised throughout her entire marriage, she smashed her husband's skull in a final act of desperation. All that keeps her sane knows that she's done it to protect her four children. At last, they are safe from harm. When she is celled up with murderess Matilda Enderby, their fates become inextricably linked. And no one - least of all Sue - could have predicted the consequences The Business is a tale of drugs, prostitution, and a young girl's fight for survival - against all the odds.

Imelda Dooley is scared. She's played hard and fast and now she's been caught. She's pregnant and now she's on her own. Her father, not a man to mess with, will see that somebody pays for this. And it's not going to be her. So Imelda Dooley tells a lie.

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A lie that literally causes murders. When Mary Dooley's husband is killed in the night's events, she knows she must graft to keep the family afloat. And graft she does. The new novel from Sunday Times No. If you liked The Ladykiller you'll love Damaged. The 'undisputed queen of crime writing' Guardian and the biggest selling female crime writer in the UK, Martina's unique, powerful storytelling includes Dangerous Lady , The Take , Betrayal and many more. Dragged up on a council estate, Jason Rampling was determined to change his lot.

Maura's Game by Martina Cole (Paperback, 2010)

Jason's a chancer, shameless with his good looks and his gift for earning a few quid. Life is easy when the money rolls in. Melissa thought she'd struck gold marrying Jason. Being on his arm meant she was finally a someone. But there's no glamour in waiting for your husband to come home or waiting for a knock on the door.

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But the post-mortem reveals that this is no case of accidental drowning…. It is his grim task to discover who could be behind the methodical murder of a child both he and his partner, Erica, knew well. He knows the real question - and answer - lies with why. I have read this book and found the audio just as good Very good enjoyed. By: Martina Cole.